Private Charters

Why Charter With Us

North Star Airways welcomes you to live your best life 30,000 feet in the sky with private plane charters. Skip long security lines, customize your flight, and spend more time enjoying the view.

Private Plane Charters

Fly above first class with a private jet charter service like none other. It’s time to make traveling more enjoyable. Skip the long security lines and start relaxing before you even arrive at your destination.

Luxury travel entails no long lines, airport hassles, or noisy neighbors on the plane. We simplify boarding and un-boarding. From long distance flights to hour-long tours, each experience is customized to your travel plans. Depending on your destination and party size, we offer three different classes of jets.

There’s no need to (uncomfortably) travel with the masses. Instead, enjoy a private flight customized to your trip. Business trips, family vacations, romantic surprises—from work to leisure, we make travel an attainable luxury with competitive charter rates. Tell us exactly what you need so we can make it happen. Request your favorite bottle of champagne or decedent cheese to snack on. We vow to stop at nothing to give you the royal treatment. After all, we believe the journey there should be as memorable as the trip itself.

A Charter Option For Everyone

Traveling for recreation, business, or family fun? We have a fleet of charter planes to accommodate any occasion. So, kick back, relax and enjoy the perks of flying on a private plane charter.

Charters For Recreation

Take your trip to new heights! Flying on a private jet is sure to make your next recreational adventure that much more memorable. Picture yourself ditching the hassles associated with airports and overcrowded planes. Instead, kick start your getaway with a relaxing experience. Skip taxing airport nonsense, long lines for security checks, and so forth. The goal of a recreational trip is to have fun, so why not make the trip getting there part of the fun as well?

Travel across the US or take an aerial tour over beautiful Florida. From hour-long tours to long distance travel, we have options to accommodate your flight requests. We regularly charter individuals, couples, families, and groups of friends. We maintain larger jets for longer distances and bigger groups of six or more people. Smaller jets are ideal for shorter trips and smaller groups. Plus, we offer mid-size jets to accommodate everything in between.

Charters For Business Trips

The new standard for ‘business class’ is private charter jets. Our wide selection of charter jets make it easy and affordable to find the right solution for your travel needs, team size, miles traveled, and so forth. First class can’t possibly offer the same level of luxury as a private jet. Conduct productive business meetings in flight without any distractions. Or, invite your team to relax as they take in the scenery, feast on cheese and wine, and reenergize.

From employees to business partners, everyone can appreciate the perks of flying private. Private charter jets are especially helpful when accommodating business meetings in different cities, perhaps even several meetings in the same day. For one, your team will spend less time going through airport security and other hassles associated with commercial flights. Secondly, a more relaxing aircraft environment ensures your team arrives refreshed and ready.

Charters For Groups & Families

Get together your family or a group of friends! We offer charters for groups and families ranging from 1-2 people to 6+ people. Our fleet of jets include small, medium, and large varieties. This allows us to accommodate different group sizes and travel distances. Renting a private plane is the same cost no matter how many people are onboard. Therefore, flying with a group offers big savings as everyone can split the cost. This puts luxury travel within reach.

Experience flying private with one of our private charter tours that start at one-hour and go up by half-hour increments. We offer wine and cheese tours, sunset tours, and more. This is perfect if you live in the area or are vacationing nearby. Feel like a celebrity as you recline in comfort and soak up the incredible views. This is something the whole family will love. Plus, it’s a great way to surprise friends or loved ones for special occasions, or just because.

"Affordable Fun"

David S.

“This is the most affordable fun I’ve had in a long time! The entire family loved it and is still talking about the experience today. We can’t wait to go back and try a tour over a different city..”

"Great For Business"

Stephen B.

“Finally, an affordable and convenient way to make it to multiple meetings in different cities. North Star’s private charter jets are first-rate in every way—highly recommend, great for business.”


Gloria F.

“I wanted to surprise my husband who has always talked about wanting to fly in a private plane. North Star Airways was so accommodating and helped me pull off the best surprise of our marriage.”